TBA   From Door to Door May 25 – July 1 When a woman reflects on her past as a daughter, a wife, and a mother, who does she see? For Immediate Release Contact:  Carol Kassie / 561-445-9244 May 17, 2018: MARGATE, FL: Stage Door Theatre will open James Sherman’s gentle […]

Brandon Flynn-Sugar Booger

I met this kid when he was thirteen. HE had moppy hair, braces and sat away from the group.  Another teacher told me to come in and watch this kids monologue. I did, I was blown away by what this kid brought to the table. Now he is on Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix, Kid […]

An Earnest Request/ Go Fund Me.

Dear Theatre Community, It is with greatly humbled to send this out to everybody and leave myself so vulnerable. I am sending out a GOFUNDME request that is not trivial. I am not looking for cash to become a Yoga instructor or anything. (Not that I do not LOVE Yoga instructors.) Please, Take a sec […]

THEATRE RESPONSE: Women in Assembly, Directed and Freely Adapted After Aristophanes

  λοπαδοτεμαχοσελαχογαλεοκρανιολειψανοδριμυποτριμματοσιλφιοτυρομελιτοκατακεχυμενοκιχλεπικοσσυφοφαττοπεριστεραλεκτρυονοπτεκεφαλλιοκιγκλοπελειολαγῳοσιραιοβαφητραγανοπτερυγών Or’ lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drimupo­trimmato­silphio­karabomelito­katakechumeno­kichlepi­kossuphophatto­peri­steralektruonopto­kephallio­kigklopeleio­lagóio­siraio­baphètragano­pterugón Or’ limpets and saltfish and shark steak and dogfish and mullets and odd fish with savory pickle sauce and thrushes with blackbirds and various pigeons and roosters and pan-roasted wagtails and larks and nice chunks of hare marinated in mulled wine and all of it drizzled with honey and silphium and […]