THEATRE RESPONSE: “Or-rhotic-a” or, Or, by Liz Duffy Adams, Thinking Cap Theatre

Slap & Tickle Show

c6e1951f54022b5dd5507c05e00fe799or-/ɔː; unstressed ə/

conjunction (coordinating)

1. used to join alternatives: apples or pears, apples or pears or cheese, apples, pears, or cheese

2. used to join rephrasings of the same thing: to serve in the army, or rather to fight in the army, twelve, or a dozen

3. used to join two alternatives when the first is preceded by either or whether : whether it rains or not we’ll be there, either yes or no

rhotic -ˈrōtik/


1.        of, relating to, or denoting a dialect or variety of English, e.g., Midwestern American English, in which r is pronounced before a consonant (as in hard ) and at the ends of words (as in far.)


OR, Non Rhotic, which is the case with the dialects in this delight currently running at Thinking Cap Theatre, deftly directed by Nicole Stodard. The play is a hoot, put on your breeches and…

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