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Speech/Voice Coaching

Accent Reduction,Expansion or Modification

Monologue Coaching

Public Speaking

Young Arts or College AuditionTaping 

Movement/Body Work


  • Increase Breath Capacity and offer the body new ways to breathe conducive to healing so many voice challenges.

  • Extensive assessments for each student to identify their challenging sounds

  • Learn how to hear your challenges, and acquire techniques to inhibit them

  • Practice clear and authentic pronunciation of words and English sounds

  • Improve speech rate, tone, articulation and enunciation

  • Improve confidence and credibility when speaking in person or on the telephone

  • Improve your vocabulary, word usage and precision in English words.

  • Synthesize clear speaking techniques into daily speech habits

  • Identify stress and intonation patterns in English, learn to vary your speech

  • Practice using successful correction techniques: Hear the mistakes, correct them

  • Delivery and nonverbal communication

  • Voice and articulation, enunciation and vocal variety

  • Breaking unhealthy habits and developing new ones


Training can be customized from private coaching to classes, also available on Skype or Facetime..


I offer small group classes.  These are two-hour Intensive Classes. All day seminars are also available.

Private Coaching Sessions

You are required to buy two sessions at a time. After a brief phone call we set up a time and schedule the second session leaving some time in between session for you to absorb material.  Private coaching is also available on Skype or Facetime..


I will provide you with material to practice with if you do not have your own.


The work is physical. If we are working face to face in a studio or mutual space, please dress for a low impact yoga class. I employ methods learned from the work of Fitzmaurice Voicework ™, Linklater, Lessac, Rodenberg, Yoga, Reiki, Alexander Technique, Somatic Therapies and Michael Chekhov actors. Each person is different and needs a different path to follow.

Accent Reduction & Articulation

We work with individuals and offer small corporate training classes, as well at large corporate seminars. I can design a program specifically for you, tailored to your needs and number of employees.

For non-native English speakers

English teachers don’t always know how to teach speech in English. Accent Reduction training should actually be called “Learning a New Accent” instead of reducing the old one. Speech training helps non-native English speakers hear their own speech challenges and learn how to make English sounds clearer. In each language, we move our mouth differently; we have different stress patterns, rhythm, speed, and intonation. For example, Spanish speakers have trouble distinguishing the difference between ‘truck’ and ‘track’; Chinese speakers have trouble with L and R; and Germans with V and W. In this training, they hear the difference for the first time – many people experience a breakthrough. They practice moving their mouth differently to enunciate the tiny subtleties of English. 

For English speakers

Studies show that only one out of three Americans articulate correctly, and nearly 1/3 of Americans need some type of articulation training. Dialects, slurred or muddy speech can be distracting in a professional environment and can cause problems for interviews, promotions or the image of the company. This training helps native English speakers to become more articulate, influential and confident in their speech. It can help people  reduce of regional dialects.

Public speaking – Your speaking voice conveys as much about you as do your words. Your confidence, your humor, your emotion, and your ability to maintain an audience’s attention depend not only on your content, but also on your delivery. In fact, a powerful and/or beautiful speaking voice can have tremendous influence on the people who hear it.

We work with teachers, executives, salespeople, lecturers, and anyone who wants to maximize the impact of their speech and the power of their message. From accent modification, proper intonation, cadence, clear enunciation, breathing, and getting your voice to carry, we can help you to free your voice and the effect it has on your audience. 

Voice rehabilitation –  I can do a limited amount of work on this subject. I can also refer you to a Medical Doctor to address major issues.


Payment method:

    Payment due 24 hours before session.

    I accept American Express Serve Cards, and all other cards through  PayPal. (I don’t accept CASH.)

    I never see your Credit Card Number, and those wishing to pay by PayPal will receive a PayPal invoice before your session. I will advise you of this             information and how to proceed prior to your session.

Rescheduling, Cancellation or Missed Appointment Policy:

It is our goal to provide high quality and dependable coaching/consulting/therapy services. To ensure that our services are used effectively (that our help is available to those who are seeking help, and so booked appointments aren’t skipped preventing others from using them), we have the following coaching/counseling policy:

  • If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours prior notice, or your session will not be refunded.

  • For rescheduled appointments (with 24 hour prior notice), no  fee will be charged.

  • For canceled appointments (with 24 hour prior notice), no service fee will be charged. Refund will be initiated within 24 hours.

  • For rescheduled, canceled, or missed appointments without the minimum of 24 hours prior notice, you will forgo your first session and keep the second booked session. Being 15 or more minutes late will cut into our time.

  • Sessions booked for one hour, but then need to be cut short due to a meeting, interruption, or other reason will be charged at the full one hour rate.

Consecutive Cancellations:

We understand that sometimes circumstances can interfere with scheduled appointments. If you are unable to keep a confirmed appointment, please let your coach/counselor know at least 24 hours prior to your confirmed appointment. Doing so will prevent incurring a cancellation fee.

Consecutive cancellations, appointments that are booked then cancelled one after another, prevent others from accessing coaching/counseling help. Therefore:

  • Coaching/counseling sessions that are cancelled two consecutive times without notifying your coach/counselor will be interpreted as a request to stop coaching/counseling services. As a result, all future regular appointments will be cancelled and made available for first-come bookings.

When you book an appointment, you agree to the above rates and terms of service.


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