THEATRE RESPONSE: Women in Assembly, Directed and Freely Adapted After Aristophanes






limpets and saltfish and shark steak and dogfish and mullets and odd fish with savory pickle sauce and thrushes with blackbirds and various pigeons and roosters and pan-roasted wagtails and larks and nice chunks of hare marinated in mulled wine and all of it drizzled with honey and silphium and vinegar, oil and spices galore


Women in Assembly, Directed and Freely Adapted After Aristophanes


Carey Hart, Vanessa Elise, Casey Dressler, Sally Bondi, and Sabrina Gore  in Thinking Cap Theatre’s “Women in Assembly.” (Photo: Stoddard)













WOMEN IN ASSEMBLY, a comedy by Aristophanes, directed by Nicole Stodard, accompanied by designers Alyiece Moretto-Watkins and Joel DeSousa, featuring: Casey Dressler, Michael Gioa, Sally Bondi, Jim Gibbons, Carey Brianna Hart, Carlos Alayeto, Vanessa Elise, Sabrina Lynn Gore, and Noah Levine

Adaption,Direction, Sound, and Costume design by Nicole Stoddard. Stage Management:xxx, Scenic Design: Alyiece Moretto, Lighting Design: xxxx, Properties: xxxxxx, Set Crew: xxxxxxxxRun Crew: xxxxxxxx

“Women in Assembly by Aristophanes” is running through March 18 at The Vanguard, 1501 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. Showtimes are 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, with matinees at 3 p.m Saturday and  5 p.m. Sunday (a pre=show component begins 15 minutes before each performance). Tickets cost $40. To order, call 954-610-7263 go to

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