Missing Biscayne Park Theater, Miami

E121B4F9-A60B-488E-A61F-49BF9690C26EBiscayne Park Theater
North Miami, FL 33161

This is one of Miami’s mystery theaters. Destroyed in the Hurricane of 1926. The picture shows the back wall destroyed. We are not sure it is even named Biscayne Park Theater. You can see the direction of the power wires that might indicate its locale. The photo, signed by Verne O. Williams, of an obliterated structure with one wall remaining and the caption “Theater Building, Miami Shores” appears on page 72 of the book “The Florida Hurricane & Disaster, 1926” by L. F. Reardon.Page 59 of the book “North Miami, 50 Years of Challenge and Change“ by Camp Vaughan, found in the Miami-Dade County Public Library system’s Main Library branch, includes the statement “All but the front of the Biscayne Park Theater was destroyed” by the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926.North Miami used to be called Miami Shores from 1926 until 1931, when it was changed to North Miami and what had been a separate subdivision of Miami also called Miami Shores became the municipality of Miami Shores that it still is today, so the theater in the photograph may have been located somewhere in what is now North Miami and its name may have been Biscayne Park Theater.The small triangular Village of Biscayne Park that shares the name of the theater is between what is now North Miami and Miami Shores, but it does not seem to have a business district and was never called Miami Shores, so the theater was probably not located there unless the person who wrote the caption for the photograph did not realize that is where the photo was taken and the book about North Miami was referring to a theater that was not in North Miami. Several Historians make a guess that was located several streets up in the existing East to West thoroughfare at 125 street, but there is nothing but proximity to support that theory